Neng Lian Tech

Certify and incentivize green contributions and enable green businesses to obtain low-cost capital.

Development history

June, 2016

Energy Blockchain Labs was established

August, 2016

Neng Lian Tech Ltd. was established

September, 2016

Joined Linux Foundation. Became one of the green members of the Hyperledger Project worldwide. Completed RMB 8 million angel funding round

November, 2016

Demoed Fabric-based carbon asset development app at Wuzhen Global Internet Conference

March, 2017

Launched the first carbon asset development app in the world in Las Vegas. Completed RMB 31 million Pre-A round financing

August, 2017

Green Asset Information Registration Platform beta version launched

October, 2017

Established joint venture company "CheBaiLianNeng" with the EV 100 to explore the development of a blockchain-based electric vehicle aftermarket

November, 2017

Green Element Chain (GEL Chain) began to be designed; Established Hong Kong subsidiary to expand to technology related investment banking and the international green finance market

December, 2017

Launched the internal test version of the asset securitization development application, which officially launched the first business focused on green asset securitization. Neng Lian Tech cooperated with UNFCCC and GIZ to jointly establish the Climate Chain Coalition against climate change

February, 2018

Green Asset Information Registration Platform official version launched

June, 2018

Based on xPoS consensus and Random Number Generation, Testnet 1.0 of Green Element Chain (GEL Chain) launched

October, 2018

Testnet 2.0 of Green Element Chain (GEL Chain) launched, Decentralized ID and Green Smart Contract business modules facilitated; iGC, the first DApp based on GEL's Green Smart Contract, launched

November, 2018

Get an Adorable Space, the first game based on GEL's Green Smart Contract, launched

29, December, 2018

Mainnet 1.0 of Green Element Chain (GEL Chain) launched

Member of the green fintech committee of the central bank

Initiated member company and the deputy secretary company of the "Shenzhen Green Finance Committee"

Member of the global energy and environmental protection industry of the “Hyperledger Project”

Member of the Energy Committee of the Investment Association of China

Recognized as an excellent application case at the first Credible Blockchain Summit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Member of the Financial Blockchain Cooperation Alliance

Member of the Green Power Consumption Cooperation Organization

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