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Green Element Chain


Green Element Foundation, together with Nenglian Tech, jointly launched a worldwide environment-friendly and business-friendly public chain -- Green Element Chain (GEL Chain) to provide a practicable and accessible distributed digital business infrastructure to advance the entire society’s prosperity in an era of digital migration and sustainable development.


The Green Element Foundation is the founder and operator of the Green Element Chain. Neng Lian Tech Ltd. is a technical service provider of underlying blockchain IT system.


GEC is committed to building: 1) a more practicable and user-friendly blockchain infrastructure and application development system, 2) a broader user group consensus, 3) a highly efficient, transparent and sustainable distributed digital business environment for the future. Through facilitating digital migration and green development, GEC serves the ultimate goal of creating a better future for the world.
First of all, Green Elements Foundation will use innovative consensus algorithm and industry-customized sharding technology to greatly improve the transaction performance and TPS of Green Element Chain while reduce transaction cost, making it satisfy requirements for serving as the blockchain infrastructure of large scale commercial applications.
Secondly, through common BaaS service function modules such as Distributed Digital Identity System, Green Tokenization System and Green Stable Coin, GEC establishes a business-friendly blockchain application environment to link the business world and the digital world and lower the threshold of blockchain application for business.
The Green Tokenization System embeds various green emission reduction methodologies into smart contracts, which can be used by various business applications to quantify and tokenize various green contributions, so as to stimulate various green behaviors. Green consensus is like a universal ligament. Individual users in all kinds of business applications have different levels of green behavior, and the most widely activated green consensus can radiate the universal value of blockchain to more general user groups.
Finally, GEC is not only a solid business infrastructure and application environment, but also an advanced business co-prosperity ecology. Through the business co-prosperity mechanism, various business applications can also obtain business promotion factors other than BaaS and tokenization, such as brand, traffic, etc.

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