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Green Asset Information Service Platform

The "Green Asset Information Service Platform" is a blockchain-based information registration platform built by Neng Lian Tech Ltd., based on green asset related financial services. It is also a great entrance for green assets entering into the digital world based on a blockchain, which will be the digital center for linking green assets and financial markets to empower all asset-based financial behaviors.


Through the consortium blockchain and the Internet of Things technologies, the platform collects real-time green asset information from the physical energy network and safely stores it on the underlying blockchain ledger to realize digital registration, traceability and approval of all types of green assets. Combined with the automation of the physical world through the Internet of Things and the immutability and traceability of blockchain technology, the platform improves accessibility, reliability, and ease of use of green asset information. This also greatly reduces verification costs before issuance of asset based financial products as well as management costs after issuance.

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Provide credibility and valuation for green basic assets

The Green Asset Information Service Platform will serve as an independent and credible platform to link green assets with investments, reduce the degree of information asymmetry and promote high efficiency, low cost funds into the green sector.


At the same time, this account information platform will provide authentic and credible green basic assets and asset valuation for the Green Credit system, CCER system and asset digitization system.

The Green Asset Information Service Platform creates a green financial information service center
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